Why Us?

There are many reasons for which we deserve to cooperate with us and to entrust us with your project. Please find below a few more important of them.


We have been on the contract market for 30 years. We are experienced in a comprehensive implementation of various types of commercial facilities and private luxury homes. During that period of time we have created a well-integrated and highly qualified team of process engineers and craftsmen. Together we make up our company.

Consultations and exploration for solutions

Our customers appreciate our engineering competence that helps us to identify the opportunities and threats which might not be obvious for all. We know how to implement a concept which is at the initial stage. We supplement and add details to the designs, which have not been or are not completed.

Highest world-class quality

Perfect knowledge of joinery technology supported by hi-tech and traditional craftsman qualifications guarantees the highest quality of the designs.

Unlimited possibilities for designers and investors

We offer any forms and shapes – difficult forms are not a problem. We work with all materials used in joinery. We easily compose them with atypical materials We make any sophisticated details. Any type of surface finish ranging from those commonly known to the difficult and interesting craft techniques. We offer unique structural solutions and elegant surface joining techniques.

Search for solutions to meet the budget

Understanding of the actual needs of customers helps us to find solutions tailored to the budget. We act as consultants on stock plans to improve the value for money without any harm to the style and functionality.

Preference for challenging designs

We have always preferred challenging projects. We have developed our skills with them and they give us a lot of satisfaction. Nothing can surprise us in carpentry and furniture trade.

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